Initial attraction dating

Results indicated a strong effect of exposure on attraction that was mediated by the effect of exposure on familiarity.However, exposure does not always increase attraction.

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A clear illustration of this principle can be seen in a study by Moreland and Beach (1992).A 2004 study, based on indirect evidence, concluded that humans even choose mates based partly on facial resemblance to themselves.According to Morry’s attraction-similarity model (2007), there is a lay belief that people with actual similarity produce initial attraction.In a 1988 study, Lydon, Jamieson & Zanna suggest that interpersonal similarity and attraction are multidimensional constructs in which people are attracted to people similar to themselves in demographics, physical appearance, attitudes, interpersonal style, social and cultural background, personality, preferred interests and activities, and communication and social skills.Newcomb's earlier 1961 study on college-dorm roommates also suggested that individuals with shared backgrounds, academic achievements, attitudes, values, and political views typically became friends.

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